Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg



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Conceptualizing Frankish-Muslim Partition Agreements in the Coastal Plain and Greater Syria (502-684 AH/1108-9-1285 AD)

Medieval frontiers across the multiethnic Baltic and Mediterranean regions had in common special diplomatic instruments designed to regulate peaceful and hostile exchanges. An agreement known as a condominium (Arabic: munāṣafa; Latin: terra partitionis) developed in the case of Frankish-Muslim contact zones in the sixth/twelfth and seventh/thirteenth centuries around the Coastal Plain and Greater Syria. In essence, the condominium agreement was based on the cessation of hostilities in the territory held in tandem as well as the division of its revenue between the two parties to the agreement. The establishment of any given condominium was actually part of a broader truce agreement and therefore also served the function of a border-stabilizing mechanism, as Michael Köhler has pointed out. Approximately twenty such condominium agreements can be identified for the period but the exact duration and location of these agreements remains unclear. In my project I intend to catalogue evidence for diplomatic agreements that established condominia and to map these alongside the available data on the distribution of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim populations in the Coastal Plain and Greater Syria. As part of my project I will analyze the local histories of condominia, taking into account their demographic composition and environmental factors. Finally, I will analyze the development of the condominium agreement in the Mamlūk period as a precursor to the early modern concept of extraterritoriality, drawing mainly on al-Qalqashandī’s (756-821/1355-1418) chancery manual.