Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg



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It has been recently argued that Ibn Taymiyya’s scholarship and ideas did not have any impact on the Islamic intellectual history running from the time of his death to the rise of Wahhabism. My project in Bonn is meant to finalize a trajectory of research I embarked upon a few years ago in Berlin. This research questions the supposedly disappearance of Ibn Taymiyya from the scholarly scene by discussing the reception and uses of the taymiyyan doctrine of siyasa sharʿiyya in the Mamluk and early Ottoman period. The research focuses in particular on the Jawziyyan reception of his master’s idea of siyasa sharʿiyya, the uses of it that were elaborated by the Maliki and Hanafi Qadis Ibn Farhun (d. 1397) and al-Tarabulsi (d. 1440), and by the 16th century Hanafi scholar Dede Efendi (d. ca. 1565). The difference between the taymiyyan and ğawziyyan views of siyasa sharʿiyya, so far hardly considered by scholars, will be discussed.

The source materials will highlight how the initial broad vision of siyasa sharʿiyya proposed by Ibn Taymiyya underwent a significant narrowing. Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyya and the way his work was read and interpreted by later scholars played a crucial role in this transformation.