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Islamic Archaeology

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Take a look inside the Annemarie Schimmel College's Archeology Lab! Professor Bethany Walker and her staff-members show us what projects they are working on and how their course will prepare them for an archeology trip to the Middle East this summer. 




Islamic Archaeology 2017 - from left to right: Aris Legowski, Sherihan Inalo, Nicolò Pini, Nur Özdilmac, Robert Peitsch, Bethany Walker, Shireen El Kassem, Esther Schirrmacher, Ann-Kathrin Pfeiffer, Zakaryia Na'imat, Chiara Corbino, Hussein Al Sababha.



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From left to right: Hussein Al-Sababha, Iman Abdulfattah, Prof. Dr. Bethany Walker, Greg Williams, Aris Legowski


Islamic Archeology Team

Nicolò Pini, Bethany Walker und Zakariya Na'imat



Islamic Archaeology Research Unit (Forschergruppe Islamische Archäologie)

The Islamic Archaeology Research Unit of the University of Bonn is part of the Department of Islamic Studies in the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies. Its focus is the archaeological study of Islamic societies and societies under Muslim hegemony, from the 7th century CE until the end of WWI. Our library and lab, with its study collection of ceramics, metal objects, lithics, and glass, have strengths in the Early Islamic (Umayyad/Abbasid), Middle Islamic (Mamluk), and Ottoman periods, particularly in Jordan. It is the research arm of the MA and PhD programs in Islamic Archaeology at the University of Bonn and welcomes visiting scholars from other institutions.
We are located at Brühlerstrasse 7 in Bonn, just west of the central train station, on the second floor. Our building is wheelchair-accessible.

Studying Islamic Archaeology at the University of Bonn

For more information on applying for the MA program please contact Prof. Dr. Bethany Walker