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An overview of the projects at ASK:

  • Dr. Konrad Hirschler: Books and Libraries in the Late Ayyubid/Early Mamluk Period. More information
  • Prof. Dr. Doris Behrens-Abouseif: More information
  • Prof. Dr. Amalia Levanoni: Mamluks and Ulama: A comfortable symbiosis or a growing process of Mamluk takeover? More information.
  • Dr. Mohammad Gharaibeh: More information
  • Daniel Redlinger: More information
  • Abdelkader Al Ghouz: More information
  • Martin Grosch: More information
  • Nur Özdilmac: "Heraldik mamlukischer Herrscher". More information
  • Dr. Élise Franssen: More information
  • Prof. Dr. Richard McGregor: "The Performance and Display of Religion in the Mamluk Sultanate." More information
  • Prof. Dr. Linda S. Northrup: "Medicine and Culture in Mamluk Cairo."
  • Dr. Thomas Herzog: "Social Interactions and Discourses about poverty in the Mamluk Era." More information
  • Dr. Anna Paulina Lewicka: "The Non-Muslim in the Muslim Society. Inter-Faith Relations in the Age of the Mamluks." More information
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Pahlitzsch:"Christians under Mamluk Rule." More information
  • Prof. Dr. Bethany J. Walker: “Internal Migration and the Collapse of the Mamluk State in Bilad al-Sham.” More information
  • Dr. Yehoshua Frenkel: "Social and legal History of Egypt and Syria (1250-1517)". More information
  • Dr. Yakov Yosef: "Ethnic Groups, Social Relationships, Schools of law and Succession in the Mamluk Sultanate (1250-1517)." More information
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Winter: "The judiciary of late Mamluk and early Ottoman Damascus: the administrative, social and cultural transformation of the system." More information
  • Dr. Amr El-Hawary:"Schriftmystik in der Mamlukenzeit - eine historisch-epistemologische Untersuchung."
  • Dr. Syrinx von Hees:"History of Old Age in Egypt and Syria during Mamluk times, 13th to 15th centuries". More Information
  • Torsten Wollina: "Reading Ibn Ṭawq’s Journal as an Ego-Document. The Question of Self-Representation in “Private Texts.” More information
  • Anna Angermann: "Analyse des "Mongolenbandes" aus Shihab Al-Din Ahmad Al-Nuwayris Enzyklopädie "Nihayat Al-Arab." More information