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Staff 2015

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann, Prof. Dr. Bethany Walker, Dr. Mohammad Gharaibeh, Dr. Claudia El Hawary, Gülsüm Örek, Gregor Williams, Aris Legowski, Esther Schirrmacher, Jan Hörber



 From left to right: Prof. Dr. Bethany Walker, Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann, Nur Özdilmac, Sarah Spiegel, Anna Abdel Aziz, Fabian Falter, Gülsüm Örek, Tarek Sabraa, Dr. Mohammad Gharaibeh, Christoph Blumert




From left to right: Dr. Mohammad Gharaibeh, Lobna Jamal, Sarah Spiegel, Sefa Alankaya, Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann



From left to right: Sefa Alankaya, Anna Kollatz, Lobna Jamal, Dr. Mohammad Gharaibeh, Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann





Arua Husaini, Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann, Dr. Mohammad Gharaibeh, Lobna Jamal